At unpredictable times in my life I allow the universe to guide me.  I love these times – surrendering to the intense energy that surrounds us. I cherish these times- noticing signs and totems smack dab in front of me, driving me to think and feel on a deeper level.  And more often than not, these moments of connection offer incredible insight and inspiration into my world of design.

I am drawn to the ocean- always, but especially so when I am needing direction. The emerald sapphire blue hue from Maine to the Caribbean, French  West Indies to the Blue Grotto and beyond- ignites memories specifically during times of contemplation.   This naturally given hue will forever bring me to the sea.


During the first spring of being a mom- exhausted, worn and emotional, several little bluebirds appeared on our fence EVERY morning. This  beautiful little totem reminds us that “we are born to pure love, happiness and fulfillment.”  Also though, symbolic of  “the need to work hard and play hard. Be careful of shouldering too much responsibility.” This marked  the beginning of a spiritual path for me.  The striking blue feather is perfect beyond compare and has influenced color palettes around the world forever.


And the peacock…  While in the depths of my most transformational time, I spotted a peacock in Maine. Yes… Maine and yes… a peacock.  This exquisitely colored bird, gracefully symbolizing patience, acceptance, openness, beauty, wholeness, self-confidence, kindness, compassion, and luck, was the totem I grasped onto to help guide me through personal growth .  And happily it inspired the Peacock’s beauty and colors on the walls in my home.



Let this quiet color inspire you- promoting tranquility, security and peace.


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