As I trudge through another week of an unusually cold and snowy winter in Maine
– “totally epic” as my seven year old says- I feel the need to compensate with greenery throughout my stale feeling home. The windows have been closed now for more than four months. And I need to breathe.

And so while my family ski the slopes in the below zero temps, I escape to our local greenhouse. I had felt confident with my pinned wish list of plants. But when I entered the 80 degree humid and sweet smelling Greenthumb, I fell numb, in a good way. I actually lost that desperate need (for a few minutes, anyway) to travel to faraway exotic places this winter. Greenhouse #3 had solved my problems. After walking aimlessly amidst the gentle moisture for quite some time, I went from feeling tired and parched, to semi human again.

As the counter became progressively cramped with my new selection of “life” that I would bring home, I became more inspired to be happy living through Maine winters and embracing day #9 of a school “snow day”.   One can seize the outdoors and feel completely invigorated after a long ski, hike or snowshoe in sub zero weather and snow banks up to your windows, but the complete package must encompass the ever so epically-amazing photosynthesis process of a good house plant.

Although I love reaping the benefits of the extra purifying house plants, I am also very particular about the aesthetic appeal, as well as the level of maintainance.

And so, here are my picks:

  1.  Definitely the LEMONPLANT- bearing unparalleled fragrant flowers.

    My sweet little lemon plant is a fraction of this size, but not for long! source http://thestir.cafemom


  2. Baby Rubber Plant, specifically the Jade- I love the aesthetic appeal almost anywhere in the house. And more so, they are so easy to maintain.
  3.  Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree- this was ultimately my reason for a trip to the plant store. Easy to care for. I LOVE the clean look of this plant. And I love figs.

This photo found on Domaine Home was my inspiration. Source:

So there you have it.  May all of the arctic blasted readers find purity and warmth in a beautiful green house plant!