Much of my time lately has been spent researching, pinning, sketching and dreaming of ideas I plan on proposing to a medical facility intersted in turning their office into a more “healing” space.   I truly dream of possibilities.  I also have thought about a blog I would write with a “before and after” of the space.  It would be so cool.  And I WILL do it someday soon (I hope).

THIS article can’t seem to wait though.  Because as I spread my attention between my design business and my children, they are activley and rapidly  working their way through the early school years.  Before too too long, my oldest will be ploding through middle school in the same building I attended… and my two older sisters attended…and if our roots derived from Camden, our grandparents would have attended this same school too.  Historic structures  are priceless- and fascinating to me.  However, when a building becomes so tired that the patrons, children in this case, are faced with discernible challenges then a change should be considered imminent, like… indisputably so, right??

So after our town voters defeated (not joking) a proposed rebuild project, my mind spun in so many directions…

  1.   What could be more important than a safe and healthy environment for our children to be EDUCATED in?
  2. Why?
  3. WHO??
  5. And mostly… Ooooh, I could make a school super aesthetically wonderful for learning, nurturing and growing.
I'd enroll in 6th grade again if it meant I could study in this space.  Happily and willingly.

Perhaps above and beyond, but i’d enroll in 6th grade again if it meant I could study in a space like this. Happily and willingly.

And this is when I realized my two worlds are colliding.  That very cool prospective client truly believes that by creating an effective environment you are promoting healing.  So why are medical facilities so overwhelmingly depressing?  I’m on it.

While back in my “mommy” world, the educational future of my sweet tender little sponges-of-knowledge could be compromised by an inadequate physical environment, equally depressing in my unbiased opinion.   On that one too.

I would like to give credit, as well as provide an informative source to my readers, to  The NH Dept of Education. For a more ‘conservative’ article with interesting facts regarding the “children are our future…” (missing you, Whitney Houston), check out

Stay tuned for more.  And be sure to like and share on facebook to help spread the word.  For now, consider this a “Pre-Valentines Eve” article -one spoken straight from my heart.