I’m stuck on spring- dreaming of my morning coffee outside on my deck listening to the birds and feeling the first rays of sun on my feet.  I can just about hear the lawn mower but the smell of cut grass is just too damn far away, still.   I do believe this is why green is my new grey.


With a focus on mint and limes, cut grass, green house plants, emeralds (yes, the God-given girls-nearly-best-friend-gem), the classic green vintage Land Cruiser I’ve been obsessed with since my last visit to St. Barths (nearly 7 years ago), and now Patrick Dempsey’s green chaises set perfectly in his gorgeous Malibu home, I’m just diggin’ the color.

And here is why….



Stay tuned for an upcmoing showcase of how I will incorporate my new hue into my project boards.  And always be sure to “like”,  “share” and comment!

xx, Susie