Happy Valentines Day!

To a day saturated in pinks and red and coated in every type of chocolate… what could be better, except for the inclusion of a scrumptious bottle of wine and good music!

If I could have you all under the same roof right now, I would treat you to a beautiful chocolate, because sometimes just a little sweet gesture means the world. Hands down, my pick would be Ra River Cacao.  I’d offer a beautiful selection (for all to choose from)- but in my heart, I would hope that you would pick the Orange-Cayenne with Walnuts!


River makes THE most decadent chewy raw chocolate I have EVER had. Visit her at www.rariver.com


Music moves us all in some capacity, or so I hope it does. Yesterday late afternoon, when I set out for a quick snow shoe, I had hoped to tame my mind and tune-out for a bit.  This particular time, music was calling and so I tuned-in to my newly compiled playlist.  “By & By”- Brett Dennen, inspired a Valentines Day blog I feared I wouldn’t have the time to write.  Let this song move you – live it and share it today…. And to my family and dear friends (who love me enough to read my blog) please take these lyrics to heart.  To the rest of you wonderful readers, hopefully you’ll want to share it with the world like I did!

And then there is wine (thank you universe)… I’m a faithful North Coast Pinot Noir enthusiast, ‘by & by’.  However, here are my suggestions:

One of my new preferred bottles to gift.  Prices around $30.

One of my new preferred bottles to gift. Prices around $30

A valentine for myself, from myself.  I ADORE this wine! $20-ish/bottle

A Valentine for myself, from myself. I ADORE this wine, as would my sisters if they were near! $20-ish/bottle


For my lovely Mom, who likes her wines “heavy”, just like she likes her…oh never mind.

I wish you all a little extra love today!  Watch your back for Cupid and his fierce little arrow! xx