I need a challenge.  A before-and-after project would do.   Perhaps you’re considering a bathroom remodel, a living room facelift, kitchen upgrade?  Maybe a simple reset of mood in your space- home or business?  Feeling stranded in uncharted territory of a new home?

Should you be looking for advise or direction consider this offer…. either share your aesthetic dilemma on facebook (comment on this link at   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Susie-Shapiro-Aesthetic-Design) or send me a brief description through a message.  I’m looking for material (photographed before-and-afters) for a fun project I’m working on.  All design consulting and implementing of project is on me.   Cost of  goods and materials, you….sorry.

A brief description of your area will do.  If you have photos, even better.  A local project may be more desirable, although an online re-design would be given due consideration! Deadline, Friday, March 6th.



My #1 image of inspiration this week.

My #1 image of inspiration this week.  Is this a color palette you’re looking for?


There’s a healing and soothing vibe in this image that I love. Very influential.  A look that can be incorporated  in many settings.


Martha Angus was named in Top 8 Designers, http://www.domainehome.com/self-taught-interior-designers/slide4.   An encouraging and motivating article.





Make your sirens call!