As February comes to an end- a month filled with inconsistency and a push and pull between dark and light- I rely on my “goods”.  A  list of my current cravings, routines, essentials, and just stuff I want to devour:

  1. Beauty Counter body and facial products are essentials.  They are so great that they incentify a morning and nighttime regimen
  2. Allagash White with orange- a big time craving come late afternoon.
  3. The New Basement Tapes- “When I Get My Hands On You”, vocals by Marcus Mumford.  Perfection.
  4. A pour-over and really good beans.  And a grinder that grinds very fine.  My first cup needs to be of double or triple espresso intensity.  And although this may be contrary to how some baristas may advise, I think I’ve nailed it.  So I grind my beans (local and dark roasted) extra fine and use 3 heaping scoops to my filter before adding the 202 degree water.  Boom.  E-SSENTIAL.
  5. Cupcakes made with coconut oil.  A craving I want to devour.
  6. Ten Minutes in front of fire.  Alone.  No noise, no distractions.  This happens to be in front of my wood stove.  As close to meditating as I come.
  7. A simple black cashmere hat.  Essential.
  8. A cold pitcher of brewed green tea.  Always available.  Detoxifies the cupcakes.  A craving.image
  9. An accessible trail-for walking, running, skiing or snowshoeing on.
  10. One good t.v show… or two.   I have two- they’re back-to-back and keep me in the moment of the early to mid 1900’s.   Yes, Downton Abbey followed by Grantchester.  There’s just something about Sidney.

My slightly revised list will be edited and available come spring, when cravings and moods change!