I consistently appreciate, and incorporate in design work, a more mixed sense of style- less taught and more from ones life picture.   Beauty in a meaningful way.  For me, this means building from a simple base and adding layers of personality.

Although simple, the base and all incorporated details require thought and planning.  Here are some pics of inspiration I refer to often.  They remind me that the safe and timeless  neutral tones allow for interchangeable texture of personal objects so that your space can best reflect you.


imageThe rich tones paired with vintage objects and furniture work so beautifully against simple white and natural wood.   This has been a top reference in my go-to board of inspiration.



If this room were to be cleared, the space as a whole is entirely minimalistic- white and wood with the most basic trim.

imageAgain, the combination of simple lines – no ornate detail at all- I totally love!   The refined painted beams against the natural wood portrays a sense of rawness, while the lighting and finish detail bring the space warmth.



Two words-  Dramatic and simple.  Both winners in my book.


This week’s song of inspiration: “Mess Is Mine” by Vance Joy.   Keeps me moving.

This week’s addiction: Coconut water, mango and almond butter smoothies.

This week’s focus: designing a new kitchen for a beautiful old farmhouse.  Stay tuned for a before and after.

xx, Susie