So often I’m torn between rustic and refined.  I LOVE natural materials left in their raw form  – reclaimed wood and weathered teak, stacked mossy stones and raw edged marble, similar to the alluring effect of shiny tousled locks.

Equally, I am drawn to a classic, clean and “refined” look- shaker style trim, cabinet faces with no trim at all,  a white pallet, minimalistic faucets, and a good pair of pearl earings!

When these two balance each other, a stunning one-of-a-kind look has been created.  A design I am drawn to, akin to the beloved Scandinavian form.


As long as a vintage rug is (generally) stain and tear free, natural wear is beautiful to me, especially when set against pristine floors.  Raw edged stone inside a home reminds me of its fascinating natural origin.  I love when my plant pots become weathered.  And there is no better way to wear jeans than in an unaffectedly worn-in state.



Ah, whites… whether worn (under or over) or slept upon, they must always be crisp and refined, never dull!  The stone courtyard is a dream space for me- modern windows and doors set into the aged stone create an amazing backdrop for pure and graceful decor.  Like impeccably white lingerie, a pallet of whites on walls and floors set the stage for a multitude of layers and textures.  And if the quality of  material is carefully selected (oiled teak handrail shown), then the detail can be simple.