I’ve been a little astray lately (as far from screens as possible these days) with the intention of re-entering a new season wholeheartedly.  Each phase of a year inspires us in different ways… inside the home with textiles and colors and outside with attire, gear and motive.  One constant that I can rely on is the great expanse of the sky and what it brings to me emotionally, spiritually and how it propels me professionally.   I would be lost in design without the gift of nature.

Here is a photo (just one this time) of inspiration devoted to our one-and-only… Mother Earth:  I recently swapped an earthy color scheme for heavenly hues shown here.  The outcome was quite satisfying!



This Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, I hope my big THANK YOU that I send up to that sky that I so often rely on will be heard in all sincerity.  And with it, a reminder of how grateful I am to be moved from the view from straight above all the way to where the ocean meets the land.

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