The clock has a way of governing us.  The recent loss of one hour has thrown me for a loop- pure and utter exhaustion.  A week ago, I was deeply rooted in the dark, frigid and nesting months of  winter.   And by Sunday my schedule, focus and mood shifted 180 degrees.

This dramatic time change also seems to lighten my soul each spring.  It brings me to plot, plan and focus on embracing life full heartedly.  I (oddly) recall dreams I had as a child and young adult imagining what this parenting stage would “look” like.  The overall vision was perhaps tainted by quintessential  80’s shows like The Brady Bunch, Silver Spoons, Cosby Show and Family Ties.  Little did I realize my heart would be so wrapped around protecting and nurturing that that overwhelming maternal burden would often times override that “picture perfect image.”  And then, as I confronted this “block”, I realized this:  when life gets away from us and we forget about our seemingly attainable dreams, we must bring ourselves to the moment and feel enough gratitude that we can feel we ARE living a dream.

And so I vow now, more than as a resolution in the New Year,  that with this opening into Spring, I will embrace the playful child-at-heart edge I envisioned carrying with me for life (as soon as I get my feet on the ground from the loss of one hour).  Leave me to my own devices and I am OK.  Let’s all let go of the unrealistic vision and grab on tightly to all those attainable dreams.   Or just for today, consider them reachable when the timing is right.

This is my photo of inspiration this week.  Wouldn't it be nice to simplify a wardrobe?

This is my photo of aesthetic inspiration this week. Wouldn’t it be nice to simplify a wardrobe?



At home, I am decluttering- sifting through and updating my children’s posted artwork.  Pinboards and metal magnet boards have been my source for displaying good “clutter” (stay tuned for my next blog on THAT topic)!   I continue to freshen the atmosphere with plants and treat myself often to fresh tulips.  I’m beginning to deviate wardrobes from winter to spring with each load of laundry.  I love it.  It brings the greatest sense of organization and purity.  My  mind is on cleaner foods (for the most part), lighter clothes (perhaps preemptive) and beaches.  My planning is on spring entertaining, my favorite and most energized intention.  Here is what is on my mind….




A good friend recently said “spring fever is real, it’s not just a metaphor.  I either want to sleep or jump out of my skin.”  Hang in there, friends!  I’d love to hear what this shift of seasons has brought you.  Here’s to a life filled with quality and ease!  As always, please “like”, “share”, comment (below) and subscribe for more inspiration, recommendations, offers and more!

xx, Susie