Lately I’ve been feeling a huge desire to live more simply.  This is a shift for me, seems as most of my adult life has been about creating more, planning more and yes, wanting more. Coming into Spring, I’m taking stock in what the little things do for me.  How hiking trails bursting with life ignite most of my senses, naturally.  I’m relishing the time shared with my family doing nothing- just sitting amongst natural beauty, wrapped under a blanket in the evening, listening to crickets and wind-blown trees.  Feeling the warmth on our skin, smelling the blossoms bursting, grass sprouting and sun-kissed cedar during the long hours of daylight.  And of course, noticing all the brilliant hues overlapping and radiating life from every direction.


It may be that age moves us into a less materialistic phase.  Or perhaps when one is satisfied, less is more.  Either way, I like it.  And nothing is more gratifying than opening windows wide and filling every room with cuttings from nature, without pulling out our wallets. Suddenly, the littlest things bring immense pleasure.  Can we lose technology for just a little while?  Just sit by candlelight outdoors in the evening unplugged.  Reconvene come September to gauge how we are surviving.  My guess is with a little help from the people close to us and through our everyday experiences, big and small,  we can be reminded of who we are.


Gifts from both nature and pleasures from craftsman around the continent, here are some little things that are making a rather large impact in my family:


There is great satisfaction in creating such a happy treat at home.  And what joy a healthy yogurt popsicle for breakfast brings a child in the morning!


Late May marks the beginning of a luscious cutting season in Maine.  From exploding arrangements vibrant in color, to one simple delicate branch, a home can be refreshed with such ease.

I have a refined appreciation for fine textiles because of my mom (I’m a proud daughter of the luxurious crib linen designer Lulla Smith)!  Handcrafted blankets are lavish to wrap up in outside on a springtime evening.  Above (left to right): Brahms Mount, Swan Island, Lulla Smith.


We all need sun protection, so why not go safe, non-toxic and moisturizing (Beautycounter All-Over Sunscreen)- it just feels good.  Similarly, a high-end candle,  sets the ambience on a sreenporch  for those long lazy evenings.


Tune of the week- Vampire Weekend, “Step”.


Don’t you just love summer?  What are your favorite little things?  I welcome you to comment, share and like!

xx, Susie