Interchangeable & Modular Furnishings

Handcrafted on the Coast of Maine

Distinctive and modern, our luxurious product is designed to seamlessly interchange, creating an irresistibly versatile furnishing line. Our (removable & washable) cushions are offered in an array of sumptuous fabrics and soulful hues. Paired with natural stones, the look perfectly melds raw with refined. Our insets, uniform in size, are set upon an indestructible handcrafted iron base.
Every unit is designed with the same height; each inset with the same dimensions, so to accommodate every space and need. From footrest to coffee table, bedroom bench to entryway seating- switch out our barstool to a side table by simply replacing the inset. We’ve grown to love the modular way, because life should be about harmony and balance.

EXTRA LARGE- Shown in Deap Sea Green Silk-Linen. Converts to coffee table, full ottoman or combination by exchanging insets.
Recommended pairing White Marble.
We love a double double large set, creating a massive FOUR piece ottoman-coffee table!  Available in all fabrics and colors.

Specs: 28″w x 48″l x 18″h.

$1,700 to $2,600

Hand Printed Block Print on Linen- hand wash or gentle machine wash. Dry clean reccomended.

LARGE- Shown: Light Heather Grey with white marble. A stunning addition to a space- this three component bench triples in purpose, creating a bench, ottoman and coffee table, with each inset easily shifting to make a three seater bench. We’ve seen this transform coat rooms and living rooms alike, as the refined and sophisticated style graces any space.
Available in all fabrics and colors.

Specs: 18″w x 54″l x 14′ h.

$1,580- $2,070

Fine Wool- gentle hand wash, dry cleaning reccommended.

MEDIUM- Shown in Poppy Dots, Natural Flax and with Butcher Block inset. This beautifully sleek and simple piece is perfect for small spaces, where resting your tired feet and a delicious platter is important. This bring symetry and comfort to any room. Easily remove cover for washing purposes! It’s a win, win, win.  Available in colors and fabrics.

Spec: 18’w x 36″l x 14″h.

$1,280- $1,440

Naural Flax- machine washable.

SMALL AND BARSTOOL- Truly a magnificent addition to any counter or bar (shown in low side table). With changeable covers that easily slip into the washing machine, a super comfy down cushion and a sturdy-solid iron base with footrest what more could a stool offer?
We suggest using our stunning and soft outdoor fabrics for extra wearability.  Suggested fabrics indoor/outdoor selection.

Specs: 18’w x 18″l x 26″h (bar stool) and 18″ x 18″ x 14″ (table)

$720 for table/ottoman.  $860- $1,260 for counter stool.

Raw Silk- With linen like feel. Gentle hand wash, dry clean recommended.

HARDSCAPE INSETS; MAINE GRANITE- light grey with natural streaks of blue/green/grey with a flat unpolished sheen; MARBLE, a polished classic; BRAZILIAN SLATE, black as night; BUTCHER BLOCK.

Specs: 18’w x 18″l x 26″h (bar stool) and 18″ x 18″ x 14″ (table)

Price included with frame choices above.  Additional insets may be purchased.

HOW IT WORKS: Modulate; adjust, harmonize, balance.
MODULATE your life in luxury, comfort & style.

Interchange; switch, exchange.
SWITCH. IT. UP. Life is short.


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