Clutter seems to spark a chord in all of us- mostly the rage chord in my book!  And it can be especially discouraging when the clutter carries sentimental value or brings joy when it bears its sometimes ugly little head.  And you have no place for it.  I’ve battled this dilemma for a long time and I’ve finally reached a conclusion… let’s curate it and design a setting in which to make our nic-nacs (beautiful or not) work for us- piece by piece.    Otherwise, toss it or file it away.

Here are my favorite methods:

  1. Open shelving and pinboards for displaying the ‘meaningful’ clutter (childhood memorabilia, grandparents ‘nic-nacs’, children’s artwork, gift, etc.)  Because ultimately this is what makes  house a home.
  2. Artful containers– boxes, baskets, jars… for all the stuff that we cherish but don’t necessarily wish to have in eyes sight, because a steady diet of unattractive things would drive most of us a little crazy.


This is my wall of curation....

Over the years I’ve collected containers.  I like having a stash to choose from, so my collection ranges greatly in size, shape  and texture.  My office corner, for instance, is designed with open upper shelving for color-coded binders and file boxes.  I chose clear acrylic paper and mail organizers for my desk top to coordinate with my white and silver computer creating a clear and organized visual.



This could be a favorite estate find of mine! I would bring this to the Antique Road Show if given the chance. And it happens to house my most special little things.


I use well made baskets for trash cans, toys, and plants, and large plant pots for recycling and kindling.  I’ll incorporate charming little antique boxes for most important keys and irreplaceable things, while the marble key tray holds my make-up in my master bath vanity.  Large jars are used for laundry detergent and pasta, while melamine pencil trays house my flatware.  My grandmother’s mushroom cookie jar- which I inherited and cherish so greatly but find so…unattractive- has become our new little puppy’s treat jar carefully tucked away on his shelf.

I love pin and magnet boards.  This is the ultimate form of curating clutter… the board becomes the ONE defined piece of playful and thoughtful artwork.  This is an opened photo album- a place for children to gain pride in their artwork and awards. For me, it has become a collage suggestive of beautiful reminders- trips, mantras and tokens- what has brought me to this moment, and what continues to grow on a daily basis.

A framed linen pinboard ups the quality to help acheive a more artistic feel.

A framed linen pinboard ups the quality to help acheive a more artistic feel. I bought this at



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